Boxing Troops Rally Around Injured Franco

By William Trillo

Featherweight Daniel “Twitch” Franco suffered a severe brain injury in his match on Saturday night in Sioux City and had immediate emergency surgery to stop two brain bleeds. Along with his Father Al, Franco remains in the Iowa hospital under the watchful eye of medical specialists.

In the aftermath of the tragic event I have seen the boxing community step up like never before to rally around the fallen fighter. As I write this article the gofundme page set up on his behalf has generated over $20,000 worth of donations. The money will help with the costs of so many things we never think about until a time like this, hospital bills, hotel accommodations for his family to stay close by his side, travel expenses and the aftercare that Franco will need when he is released from the hospital.

I have had a chance to communicate with Franco’s father Al over the past days. Being there with his son but not being able to do anything to help is admittedly the toughest thing he has ever been through. Franco is very thankful for the outpouring of love and prayers that are coming their way.

I am asking everyone to keep those prayers coming as “Twitch” was taken back into surgery as he is bleeding in the brain again. Let’s all gather together and pray that the buildup in pressure will go down and the bleeding stops with this surgery.

It seems like just yesterday when we attended and videotaped a show in Pomona CA that the young Franco was fighting in his second professional fight. You could see even in his early career that Franco loved his sport and with his father close by his side in his corner they had a good career ahead of them.

That was early in 2011.

It’s mid-2017 now and Franco faces the toughest fight of his life and just like in all his other bouts, his Father Al is there in his corner right by his side. In times like these it’s difficult to express in mere words how to address these kinds of situations. I can tell you that the Franco’s are a well-respected and loved family in the boxing community here in California. They will have all our support during this chapter of their lives.

Please see the link below for Daniel’s gofundme page.

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2 Responses to “Boxing Troops Rally Around Injured Franco”

  1. David McGarry says:

    I hope Danial Franco makes a full recovery. Also, I hope his opponent gets over the trauma of causing the injury.

    • William Trillo says:

      Thank You. Yes, let’s keep the other young man who was in the ring that night in our thoughts and prayers as well.