Ward vs. Kovalev II: Borderline

By William Trillo
Photo: David Spagnolo – Main Events

If there is one thing we know about Light Heavyweight Champion Andre Ward is that he knows how to win no matter what it takes. He has been called a dirty fighter by many at times. After his TKO victory over Sergey Kovalev many will say his tactics were right on the borderline. In fact that is how the low punches delivered by Ward on Kovalev’s belt line have been described, right on the borderline. Whether or not you think those punches were legal or not it’s clear those blows took Kovalev out of his game.

Numerous times thundering blows landed on Kovalev’s belt line and with each and every shot you could see Kovalev’s power and strength dwindling. No one including Kovalev will argue that fact.

The crushing right hand Ward landed in round eight was the beginning of the end and Ward jumped on Kovalev with body shots that forced Kovalev to take a seat on the ropes. Ref Tony Weeks had seen enough and waved the fight off at that point. It also can be argued Weeks stopped the fight too early, but that is merely hindsight now.

I think the telling moment was in the previous round when Kovalev turned his back on Ward looking to escape the onslaught.

Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva believes it’s those borderline shots that weakened her fighter and she plans on protesting the stoppage. The NSAC has already stated that all the blows were legal and it appears her protest will fall on deaf ears.

For Andre it looks like he is literally looking for bigger things ahead as he mentioned a jump to cruiserweight while his trainer Virgil Hunter suggested Ward could beat Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua. That could be a bit of a stretch.

It’s hard to tell where Kovalev will go from here.

Ward/Kovalev 2 will be argued for weeks to come but the fact remains Ward did what he had to in order to win.

“Borderline, Feels like I’m going to lose my mind” Madonna

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2 Responses to “Ward vs. Kovalev II: Borderline”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Kovalev did not help his cause by doubling up and complaining about a perfectly legitimate body punch in round 7, but Weeks made another dreadful decision. He gave the impression he wanted the defending champion to win regardless of what he did. Weeks used to be a very good referee. These days, he comes across as lacking integrity.

    As for Drakulich, he should join the judge who scored points for the wrong fighter in the Haskins v Burnett bout in permanent retirement. He knew Rigondeaux had held his opponent round the back of the head while connecting with multiple uppercuts and he knew the final punch was long after the final bell. He was unable to make a decision by himself depsite being told many times that it was down to him and when he did finally get around to making his decision he ignored everything he’d witnessed.

    Kovalev is finished as an elite fighter. Ward will probably move up to cruiserweight. There is zero chance of him fighting Joshua – he isn’t a ticket seller and his backers don’t have enough money and Joshua is booked solid for the next two years in more meaningful contests.

    • William Trillo says:

      The NSAC should be ashamed of themselves for not righting these wrongs…but they’re not!