Jacobs Is To Canelo
As Salido Was To Lomachenko

By William Trillo

By coming in some three and a half pounds overweight at the day after weigh-in this morning Danny Jacobs has made it clear he wants to beat Canelo at all costs. At a price of some $250,000 per pound, (or more by some accounts), Jacobs has sacrificed a huge chunk of his purse in order to not only unify the 160 pound titles, but more importantly, beat Canelo.

After hearing about Jacobs tipping the scales over the limit Canelo basically said, “I don’t care what he weighs; I am going to kick his ass.”

Many still think that even with the huge weight discrepancy that Canelo will prevail and defeat Jacobs by late KO. Considering Canelo is in the prime of his career that is a safe assumption.

But….Lets never forget how Orlando Salido hustled and beat Vasyl Lomachenko with the same type of pre-fight weight snafu. In that fight for the Lightweight strap Salido came in well over the limit and refused to even attempt to make weight. Loma stood firm and went ahead and fought on even though Salido gave up the title chance at the scale.

That decision was disastrous for Loma. In his only loss he was defeated by decision by the sly Salido.

So you have to ask yourself…what are the chances of that scenario playing out again tonight?

Another question that has to be on the minds of Canelo’s team is how much will Jacobs weigh when he steps into the ring tonight?

180 pounds?


It would not surprise me to see Jacobs closer to 185 pounds tonight. That’s damn near a cruiserweight. That will be a tall order for Canelo, prime of his career or not.

Things just got very interesting in Las Vegas on this Cinco De Mayo party.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go find the biggest burrito in town…no weight restrictions here 🙂

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