Canelo, Kovalev, Elvis &
The Worst Case Scenario

By William Trillo

His track record on picking the big fights is far from stellar but I once again found the need to stop at my favorite diner on the way to Las Vegas to find out what “The King” thought about this weekend’s big event.

Cutting to the chase I simply asked Elvis to give me his insight on the Canelo vs. Kovalev Light Heavyweight title fight. For the cost of a couple of quarters Elvis gave me his two cents worth.

Presley said, and I quote, “He who laughs last, thinks worst!”

Honestly I had not a clue what that meant. I left the diner scratching my head as I pondered just what the heck that statement could mean.

It wasn’t until midway through the weigh in that things started to become clear to me. Suddenly I recalled the post fight press conference at the first Canelo vs. GGG bout. As I mentioned in my report that night Golden Boy brass appeared very stoic as they addressed the media but as soon as the show was over and the lights went low they all huddled and laughed uncontrollably. That soured me quite a bit. In my article I used that age old line, “He who laughs last….etc etc.”

I believe The King was trying to remind me of what I stated that night and what was in store for the coming weekend.

But what about that “thinks worst” line?

What did that mean?

Insert Light Bulb here.

It’s always been my contention that for Golden Boy and Canelo this is a no lose situation and that’s why they took the fight. If Canelo comes out victorious it would be the greatest feat in boxing in many years.

But what if he loses?

He still holds all the belts at 160 pound and there will be no shame in attempting this unheard of challenge.

In other words….

Worst Case Scenario, Canelo loses but still holds multiple prestigious World Title belts.

In even considering the worst for a moment I believe Golden Boy has opened a small crack in the door that a fighter like Kovalev will exploit as he blows that door wide open. Krusher will use an impressive piston like jab and utilize boxing skills many don’t realize he possesses. In the process he will dominate Canelo and take a clear unanimous decision. There is no way Kovalev will KO Canelo, Alvarez is just too young and strong. But in an upset Segey Kovalev will surprise the masses and defeat Canelo Alvarez.

“He who laughs last, thinks worst!”

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