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By William Trillo

There’s nothing better than opening my email and finding correspondence from one of our ardent fans. I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2020 than to answer a letter from one of our faithful readers. Even better the letter comes from our good friend Nick who lives in my favorite city on the face of the planet, Montreal. Check out what Nick had to say:
Hi Billy,

Can you do us a favor and get up earlier so that us easterners can read your comments sooner? LOL! I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we prefer your take on the fights. It’s rare that I disagree with your point of view. Do you think Williams can come back? Very few fighters know when to take a knee or hold properly after being hurt.

Warm Regards,

Hey Nick, it’s great to hear from you. Of all the fights that happened this weekend you happened to pick one that I didn’t watch. If it’s any consolation the reason I didn’t watch it was because I was fixated on The Habs game vs. The Golden Knights. That is 100% truth. But thanks to the advent of Youtube I was able to watch the replay of Julian Williams vs Jeison Rosario specifically to address your question.

It’s pretty clear to me that Williams nickname, “The Rock”, has little or nothing to do with his chin. Julian is a very good fighter who suffers from the same plague as some of his Promotional Stable Mates, those being Marcus Browne and Badou Jack. All of them are talented guys who make ill-advised if not downright stupid mistakes in their fights and suffer the consequences accordingly. In this case all Julian had to do was avoid getting into a heated exchange with Rosario. For the most part Williams showed he could control the action in the ring but for whatever reason he decided to go toe to toe with Rosario. That opened the door for Rosario to capitalize on that error in judgement and you see the result. Like Browne and Jack, the reason Williams didn’t feel the need to clinch is because they think they are bad enough to weather the storm. They are not and their losses in the big fights prove that.

Do I think he can come back? Yes. The ref Benji Esteves is as good as they come, he stopped the fight precisely at the right time saving Williams from undue harm thus allowing him to fight another day. Williams was a highly touted budding star earmarked for Championships but between that chin and questionable ring smarts I am not sure he is going to become a real factor anytime soon…if ever. The talent pool hovering around at his weight class is very deep. If he can’t get by Rosario…..etc. etc.

In regard to our posting articles…we are spoiled West Coast boys and sometimes you easterners have to wait a bit to get our point of view. I am sorry about that but rest assured at some point you will get coverage of the big fights.

Thanks for the kind words.

Speaking of Montreal, that haymaker Eleider Alvarez dropped on Michael Seals was sweet. Marc Ramsay has got Alvarez looking sharp again. Unfortunately for Alvarez, Ramsay also trains Light Heavy Champ Artur Beterbiev and Ramsay has told me because of that the two would never fight. In my opinion that’s a good thing for Alvarez. Beterbiev is a destroyer, plain and simple.

By the way, did you see that Habs vs. Vegas hockey game Saturday night? That Golden Knight player taking that puck to the chops at point blank range was about as gruesome as it gets. Him on his hands and knees picking his teeth (plural) from a puddle of his own blood on the ice was must see TV.

And then you have Chavez Jr. quitting on his stool because he hurt his poor little nose and Jacobs rabbit punched him. That entitled brat wouldn’t last 30 seconds on the ice.

Anyways, I digress. It’s great to hear from you Nick. I can’t wait to get back up to Montreal soon.

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