More Or Less

By William Trillo

My lone takeaway from the boxing broadcasts this weekend is as follows:

Is it really necessary to have umpteen announcers chiming in during the broadcast?

Answer: NO

The number of so-called experts trying to get in their two cents worth during the fights is way out of control. I’m sorry but the broadcasts are watered down so much these days it has become simply unbearable to listen to. If one of the announcers is concise and calling a good fight it is impossible to know because all the other mouths are busy trying to make their point and/or argue with one of his or her colleagues.

Pick any network, pick any fight. It doesn’t matter they are all the same.

Quite frankly and for lack of a better term it’s become a big circle jerk. It’s awful to watch and everyone is guilty.

I am pretty sure I speak for most boxing fans when I say all we need is one guy calling the action and maybe a color man/expert to fill in the gaps…THAT’S IT!

Less = More

Trust me on this!

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2 Responses to “More Or Less”

  1. James RObrrt Wilcox, jr. says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. This sport has been destroyed by a bunch of greedy clowns putting on a show. From the “boxer” (I use this term lightly) to the promoters, referees,judges to the disrespecting boxing and the fan favorites seem to be allowed to choose their opponent so they can be handed these undefeated ” records” are in the ring playing patty cake and acting like an idiot. Anyone that has eyeballs can see this . And if a trained boxer seems to believe otherwise I would say you are delirious and out of touch with reality and it is obvious you don’t know what a good boxer has. head movement?, lateral movement?, any angles?, guard? (Mr. Wilder) , balance?, foot work? Pivoting? Slipping? I judge a boxer by these factors.not just look at the records. (Which is given to them. ) but I will continue to just watch classic matches so I can watch real men respect the sport and the best boxer wins. Yes a damn shame weak people with no talent but are willing to play along for money and then be labeled best ever ? Get the hell out here. lol. enjoy your dirty unearned money clowns.

    this horseshit is made to just entertain the fans. A

  2. William says:

    Thanks for reading Robert! Looks like you and I are on the same wavelength.