Boxing & Tacos In Las Vegas

By William Trillo

With the Heavyweight Championship of World upon us people from the far corners of the world are heading to Las Vegas to see Wilder and Fury go at it again. No doubt on the to-do list for foreigners will be to find the best Mexican food in town, specifically Taco’s.

It is my sworn duty to tell one and all that if you want tacos and other Mexican grub that is second to none then you need to try out Trillo Street Tacos while you are in Sin City.

Do not judge this book by it’s cover. The eatery is in a local gas station so it may not catch your eye at first. But I promise whatever you order will please your palette! This is authentic Mexican food at it’s best. From the tacos to the street corn you will savor every bite. You blokes from across The Pond will love their fish tacos.

Yes, they have the same last name as yours truly but as of yet we have not determined if we are related. Yet I can tell you we share the same affinity for South of The Border cuisine.

Enjoy the fights and the tacos this weekend.

Trillo Street Taco is located at:
4371 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 898-8707

You can find their Facebook page at

Tell ‘em William sent you.

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