2022 Turkey Of The Year Award
Zzzurdo Ramirezzz

By William Trillo
Photo-Chop: Bret Newton

If ever there was a fighter in 2022 that could give the post-Thanksgiving Feast “Turkey Coma” a run for its money, it is none other than Gilberto “Zzzurdo” Ramirezzz. For the better part of his career most of this guy’s fights have been as dull as the back side of a butter knife.

That said, somehow this guy sleepwalked his way into a world title while feasting on a table full of broken-down Palooka’s whose better days were far behind them. Good for him, I suppose. (Snore).

In 2021 Zzzurdo began what I like to call his “L-Tryptophan Tour”. His dispatching of a couple of Tomato cans in ‘21 culminated in what earned him The Golden Bird in 2022.

After defeating Dominic Boesel (who?) in May of ’22, the amount of press releases sent out expounding on the virtues of Zzzurdo was endless and tireless. Apparently, the sender was not privy to the effects of witnessing a Ramirezzz fight for himself.

Thankfully, Dmitri Bivol exposed Zzzurdo in November. One can only hope we are rid of the sleep-inducing pugilist once and for all.

I know this may seen a bit harsh, but seriously, have you ever seen an entire “Zzzudo” fight? Check it out and then get back to me. I am sure you will see things my way… If you can stay awake that is.

Warning, side effects of watching a Ramirezzz fight may include:

· * Blurred vision
· * Dizziness
· * Drowsiness and fatigue
· * Head twitching
· * Nausea

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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