Time To Cancel Zzzurdo For Good

By William Trillo

When Oscar De La Hoya said of his newly found “Meal Ticket”, Zzzurdo Ramirezzz, “Ramirez is on his way up, Ramirez is hungry”, The Golden Boy wasn’t kidding. On Friday afternoon we found out Zzurdo was so hungry he was on his way up to a whopping 183 pounds. That’s a full eight pounds over the contracted weight for his match with Gabe Rosado. As such, the fight has been cancelled. There is simply no excuse for this.

During the same interview De La Hoya also said, “Ramirez is a fighter who wants to taste glory.”

Correction…the only thing Zzzurdo wants to taste is a hot Chimichanga from an Alberto’s Drive-Thru.

Earlier this week Zzzurdo was quoted as saying, “Everything was good in camp. I’m ready…After the last fight, I want to prove myself. I was in a dark place but now it’s a new start and I’m ready.”

Bull Puckey!

After tipping the scale at 183 pounds Friday he stated, “No excuses. I had never missed weight in my 45 pro fights. This is the first and last time.”

One can only hope this is the last time. I personally don’t ever want to see this guy in the ring ever again. He is a disgrace.

Something about a guy who claims he wants to be a champion but not even coming close to the contracted weight that really irks boxing fans.

Speaking with another boxing journalist about this situation the scribe said, “Ramirez is lazy. He fights lazy, and now we find out he trains lazy. This really is no surprise.”

Truer words cannot be spoken.
Hence forth he shall be known as “Lazzzy Zzzurdo Ramirezzz”

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