Nipping It In The Bud

By William Trillo
Photo: Esther Lin – SHOWTIME

Okay, all you gambling degenerates out there, if you have been waiting to hear who my pick is for the biggest fight of 2023 so you could go lay all your money down on the other fighter, now is the time.

Yes, I have been known to be way off in the past when it comes to my Big Fight predictions, but for this one, I have done my research and there is no doubt in my mind who will have his hand raised in victory inside The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas tonight.

In lieu of beating around the bush and trying to subtly hint at the how’s and why’s of boxing politics, I am just going to come out and say it.

Because of Erroll Spence Jrs. ties with PBC and their almost teenage crush of a love for him, there is no way on the face of the planet that Spence (28-0, 22 KO’s) loses by decision this evening. No way, no how. You know it, I know it, but more importantly Terence “Bud” Crawford (39-0, 30 KO’s) knows it and he is just the guy to do something about it.

We have all seen Crawford fight. He comes into the ring angry, and that’s against fighters who have shown him no disrespect at all. The outcome is always the same, “Bud” bludgeons his foe before sending him into oblivion.

Tonight, he will enter the ring with that anger and an extra chip of Promoter Disrespect on his shoulder to boot. Knowing the KO is the only way he will leave the arena with all four Welterweight Title belts in tow, Crawford will punish and knock Spence out inside of nine. Trust me on this one.

All right High Rollers, if you sign off now and get over to The Sports Book right away, you should have time to get your bets down before the first bell rings.

PS: And here’s a hot tip for no extra charge. If Devin Haney doesn’t change his mind about stepping up to fight Regis Prograis on October 28th in Las Vegas, finding a mask for Halloween will not be necessary. Prograis will be providing one for him, and it won’t be pretty!

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