If Anyone Can, A Mexican

By William Trillo

When Andy Ruiz shellacked heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua to become the first Mexican Heavyweight of the World it seemingly opened the door to some of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. Now remember, I live in the world of boxing where stupid statements are par for the course, so to speak. So when I say these were some of the most ridiculous statements….well, you get the picture.

For instance, “He isn’t the first Mexican Heavyweight Champ. What about John Ruiz?”

Hey Copernicus, “John Ruiz is Puerto Rican!”

Then there was the not very astute observation, “Andy Ruiz is not Mexican, he was born in California.”

Not Mexican ‘cuz he was born in California. Hmm…ya might wanna check that theory out with ancestry.com

But the topper comes from boxing hack Kevin Iole. In what can only be described as an extremely insensitive comment after the fight this weekend Iole tweeted, “Andy was born in the U.S. What is all this doing for Mexico.

After getting lamb-basted across social media Iole scrambled and said he could have worded that statement better.

Sorry but Iole does not get a pass here. Had he blurted out that statement in a post fight interview you might let the blurb slide for not thinking before he spoke. That happens.

But Iole was at his keyboard when he let that blast fly. Dude is a professional writer. Are you telling me he couldn’t proof read that slam before he hit send?


Iole said what he meant and meant what he said. His back-pedal job is not accepted.

In regards to his question, “What does that do for Mexico?” Allow me to help ol’ Tubby out.

Andy’s parents immigrated here from Mexico and he was born in Imperial, California. His Father came to this country and worked hard and started his own business from scratch, nothing was handed to him. Andy started boxing at a boxing gym his grandfather opened in Mexicali when he was seven. As we know Andy followed his dream and became the heavyweight champion of the world.

So when Iole asks what did that do for Mexico, the answer is pretty clear. Contrary to what Ioles President says all Mexicans do not come to America to rape, plunder and pillage.

It really pisses me off that Iole would dare cast aspersions on an entire race of people. It’s almost as if he would be happier if Ruiz was dealing drugs and stealing cars. Then he could say, “You see, my President is right, all Mexicans are crooks and thieves.”

What did it do for Mexico?

It gave a lot of people both north and south of the border hope. It showed that with hard work and vision anyone can climb to the top………Even Mexicans.

The great thing about the internet is once it’s out…it’s out there. You can’t un-ring that bell.

You might consider yourself God’s gift to boxing journalism but when you let fly with racially insensitive statements like that you have to own it. No amount of back-pedaling can save you.

What does that do for Mexico?


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4 Responses to “If Anyone Can, A Mexican”

  1. Lou Messins says:

    A lot of my friends say I am Italian.
    Lot of my friends say I am Cuban
    Lot of my friends say I am Irish
    There are born in the US.
    What they’re saying father and mother or grandparents came from that area Andy Ruiz JR Mexican American. And his mother and father and grandparents come from Mexico. He is a world champ
    Mexican champ are American champ

  2. William says:

    Thanks for reading Lou. My grandparents came here from Mexico. I was born in California. I am proud of my heritage and equally as proud of Andy.

  3. Charles says:

    Hell, I been watching boxing 50 years and didn’t know there was no heavyweight Champ that was Mexican until now, Actually I never thought of color it was your the Champ and that was it, Color don’t matter it’s the heart to win and will to do what it takes to win.