Ryan Garcia Turns Down Another Replacement Fight

By William Trillo

Spin it any way your little Instagram follower heart desires, Ryan Garcia is not ready for a challenge of any kind. After his fight with the never before heard of Avery (Hits Like A) Sparrow fell apart Garcia was offered up Romero Duno. Garcia has been barking how badly he wants that fight but quickly took a pass on the fight that could have easily been made.

In a last minute attempt to salvage the card that is falling apart at the seams Garcia was offered up another quality fighter in Petr Petrov. It should come as a shock to no one that Garcia quickly turned down that fight as well.

In a world full of Social Media Superstars Ryan Garcia is an undisputed Champion. Inside the ring Garcia is nothing more than an over protected wanna be. In Ryan’s world he belongs to be billed alongside real boxing champions and claims he is holding out to be a part of the huge Canelo vs. Kovalev card next month. That’s hysterical.

It’s this reporters opinion that up until now Garcia has not proved he is a worthy contender.

A boxing insider and industry source said of Garcia after hearing the latest news stated, ” I have zero respect for this kid, it wouldn’t surprise me if his November fight does not happen as well!”

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